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Metro Huerto, About Us. Sacks of cultivation, urban garden, vertical garden
About us Metro Huerto

Metro Huerto

The idea of creating Metro Huerto started in the year 2013 in Mexico D.F. Her founder, the Spanish biologist Nuria Preciado, saw every morning from the window of her office all the unused empty space on the rooftops of all the other buildings and thought that they could be given some use. With a small initial team, she decided to start this project, convinced that urban farming could become a powerful tool for the environmental, social and economic development of cities.

“As a biologist I have always tried to search for sustainable solutions. That made me search for sustainable ways of giving use to the unused rooftops of big cities. My goal has been to improve environmental sustainability and to improve the life of people living in big cities.”

Currently, Nuria works with a team of professional on different areas: biology, landscape gardening, agronomy, new technologies, product design and business administration.

Lately, as founder of Metro Huerto, she works in promoting urban farming on homes, providing a farming system which can easily be installed in any home. Metro Huerto sacks permit anyone to become an urban farmer at home.

Our philosophy is compromised to a system of simple cultivation, accessible to all, quality and sustainable.

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